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Grattage . In 1927, Max Ernst developed the grattage as an application of the frottage technique in painting. Richly textured, relief-like materials such as wood, wire mesh, pieces of broken glass, and cord were placed under a canvas primed with numerous layers of paint.

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Frottage is a surrealist and ‘automatic’ method of creative production that involves creating a rubbing of a textured surface using a pencil or other drawing material

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Posts about grattage written by Dr Marcus Bunyan. … Greis und Blume 1924 Oil on canvas … in which he used the technique of frottage for the first time …

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Frottage Frottage is a method of creation in which one takes a … Grattage is a surrealist technique in painting in which (usually wet) paint is scraped off the canvas.

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Grattage: …impression of the grain; “grattage,” scratching the painted surface of the canvas with pointed tools to make it more tactile; and “decalcomania …

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Grattage is a surrealist painting technique that involves laying a canvas prepared with a layer of oil paint over a textured object and then scraping the paint off to create an interesting and unexpected surface

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Frottage is the technical name for body rubbing, which is a sexual act that is also known as „dry humping.“

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Definition of frottage … Definition of frottage in English … while his interest in automatism led him to develop the techniques of frottage and grattage. …

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Beyond Painting: The Experimental Techniques of Max … Ernst began using the technique of frottage, … was created using both frottage and grattage. Max Ernst. …